Origin of Shaligram shilas.

Sri Shaligram is believed to have  thousand of years old.. Its history can be found in  varity of purana (Religious script) like vishnu puran,shiva puran,bhagvad puran. Shaligram is not found in different river or different Country .. But it is only Found in Nepal. Eventhough if we get chance to collect shaligram in other country out of nepal. But they are not religious important comparing to nepal shaligram shila.

The shaligram origin place is gandaki river (Muktinath Dham) which lies in north -west region of Nepal in Mustang district.. The temperature here is cold and in winter heavy snow fall appear in this is holy place.. The famous attraction at this greatest Religious place is Muktinath temple.. The temple is of symbol of lord vishnu and shiva.. At side of lord muktinath Bhu laxmi and saraswati is emblem in left/right of lord muktinath.. At muktinath there is 108 stone tap. It is believed that when we bath together at this 108 tab all sin will be washed aways.

Shaligram is also found in damodar kunda which origin is same river. Damodar kunda is sacred place named after lord damodar(krishna) and kunda meaning holy lake. This lake is large and attraction places to all devotees. Many devotees snan(ritual bath) here. The main purpose at this place is doing sraddh (ceremony for past ancestor)..

Those devotees who visit shaligram origin place,Gandaki river For religious purpose once in life.. The birth of their life is sucess with blessing of lord vishnu …