Dwarka meaning the kingdom or place of lord krishna situated in dwarkanagar. Lord krishna is king of dwarka so he is known as dwarkadhish. The auspicious stoneĀ Found here in Dwarka river is known as Dwarka shaligram or dwarkas silas.

According to Puran,The worship of dwarka shaligram along with shaligram and gomati chakra is very auspicious. So dwarka silas is known as krishna himself.

dwarka shaligram.

Dwarka shaligram is available in various shape and size. It have many chakra on it. And some have very few chakra on it.

Dwarka shaligram worship pleases lord krishna easily. Tulsi leaves is kept every day with dwarka sila and shaligram on worship time.

Worship of dwarka shaligram, Gandaki river shaligram attain all kinds of happiness,and pleasure in life. And finally attain krsna loka(vaikuntha) at time of breath leaving.